Group Activity

arla   Arla sent out questionnaire to farmers in September to find out how many farmers currently know their Johne’s status and whether any have adopted strategies from the NJMP. Approximately 45% of farmers have replied so far. Arla farmers are also being invited to workshops across the country from March to June on calf health and Johne’s.
cis CIS will start an html newsletter in 2016, with Johne’s disease as one of their lead articles to share key messages. They have launched CHeCS monitoring service for Johne’s, which is proving popular with farmers
ahdb dairy   AHDB Dairy: are working with the AJ delivery team to respond to farmer interest in Johne’s disease picked up by the extension team in SW and NW, in particular.
first-milk First Milk: Their core groups supplying Nestle are working on a fast track programme to implement the National Johnes Management plan. 80% of farmers have so far returned their declaration forms which have been signed off by their farm vets confirming they understand their Johnes status and have a control strategy in place.
muller_wisemanMuller Wiseman sent an initial questionnaire and letter out in Feb 2015. 85% of their 1150 farmers have confirmed their status and are testing in one form or other. The questionnaire has been followed up with meetings, attended by Karen Bond. Muller are approaching the 15% of farmers who have not declared their status to query why and offer support.
NML LOGO RGB 72dpi 878px wide NML will be following on from the success of the 2014/15 30 Cow Challenge by encouraging farmers to move towards risk based testing and management. This will be done by the provision of a risk assessment tool and further farmer meetings.
my-healthy-herdMy Healthy Herd: A NJMP module has been developed for robust management and tracking of JD management; abstracts have also been submitted to World Buiatrics.
DCD DCD is encouraging all of its members to complete a whole herd Johnes screening, and to agree with their vet a Johnes protocol, and to return a vet signed declaration by 29th Feb 16.
davidstow-logo DCD Davidstow members - 100% of the membership have completed a vet signed JD protocol declaration, and are now embarking on Year Two of the same process with encouragement for all to complete a whole herd screening, to be completed by 29th Feb 16.
omsco OMSCo – 100% of farmers are signed up to be a part of the NJMP and know the status of their herd – their 250 members have all signed up.