Farm Health Planning Calculator Model

The UK Government Farm Health Planning (FHP) project, funded by the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), facilitates partnership working with livestock industry working groups, supporting livestock producers to introduce proactive measures to help manage disease. An example of one of the measures introduced is the development of management and communications tools, these include disease control cost benefit models to support the farmer with their veterinarian in the adoption of proactive health planning. An example of one such model is the dynamic economic model ‘Dairy_Johnes_model_1.’ This model was developed to estimate the costs and benefits of controlling Johne’s disease in a dairy herd. The aim was to not only design a cost benefit disease control model using epidemiological and economic data but also a communication tool which could be used by veterinarians and animal health professionals with their clients to discuss and assess the costs and benefits of controlling Johne’s disease within their herd.

To download and view the ‘Dairy_Johnes_model_1’ created by Professor McClement, McFarlane and Bennett from Reading University, please click on the following link:

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To download a schematic diagram on the Dynamic Model of Johne’s Disease in the Dairy Herd please click here.


McClement, I. McFarlane, I. Bennett, R., 2009. Developing a decision support disease control tool to assist dairy farmers in the control of Johne’s disease.