National Johne’s Management Plan – Phase 2

The Action Group on Johne’s is the stakeholder forum for dairy industry organisations concerned with tackling Johne’s disease.

The Action Group developed the National Johne’s Management Plan (NJMP).

Phase I of the NJMP, which formally started on the 1st April 2015, primarily focused on education and engagement. Phase II has now started.

NJMP Phase II Final

The operational requirements of Phase II are:

 Members of the NJMP require their associated farmers to obtain annually over three years beginning 1st January 2017 a signed declaration by a BCVA Johne’s Certified Veterinary Adviser that they will be implementing one of the six strategies specified by the National Johne’s Management Plan. (The six control strategies remain unchanged from Phase I) .

 In 2017 the declaration would confirm that the farmer had:
o undertaken to assess their risks and herd status and,
o put in place the necessary management information, equipment, husbandry and resources to implement the agreed control strategy.

 In 2018 and 2019 the declaration would confirm that the farmer at the time of the consultation:
o had reassessed their risk and status and,
o was correctly utilising the management information, equipment, husbandry and resources to implement the strategy effectively.

 Only vets that have undergone the BCVA training programme will be permitted to sign the declaration.

 The BCVA Certified Johne’s trained vet will issue a declaration that in their opinion, the farm’s Johne’s management plan was appropriate, robust, and compliant with the objectives of the NJMP.

 For all three years if deficiencies are identified by the vet then these will have to be rectified by the farmer before the declaration could be signed. Alternatively, the chosen strategy could be changed to enable compliance with the resources available.

 The farmer will make a copy of the signed declaration available to their milk purchaser if they were requested to do so.

 Purchasers will provide the Delivery Team annually with information on the number of farmers obtaining veterinary declarations using a standard questionnaire developed by Action Group on Johne’s

For a list of trained vets, click through here:

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