BCVA Accredited Johne's Veterinary Advisors

Fantastic to see that 1163 vets are now trained to be BCVA Accredited Johne’s Veterinary Advisors (BAJVAs).

BAJVA registration numbers can be found on the Vet Portal section of this website using the BAJVA login details.
Last Name First Name Practice
Borsberry Steve 608 Farm and Equine Vets
Gough Jane 608 Farm and Equine Vets
Sanderson Graeme Abbey Green Vets Ltd
Evans Michael Abbey Veterinary Group
Greer Colin Abbey Veterinary Group
Wood Katie Abbey Veterinary Group
Armstrong Grace Academy Vet Centre
McDonald Ian Academy Vet Centre
McGregor Elaine Academy Vet Centre
Nelson Carol Academy Vet Centre
Raphael Stephen Academy Vet Centre
Jones Frances Aeron Vets Ltd
O’Donovan Mark Aeron Vets Ltd
Mulligan Gareth Afon Vet Centre
Armstrong Derek AHDB Dairy
Butler Lucy Aldgate Veterinary Practice
Smith David Aldgate Veterinary Practice
Allen Simon Allen & Partners
Davies Robert Allen & Partners
Robinson Sian Allen & Partners
Jones Lloyd Allwood & Jones
Sawyer Andrew Alnorthumbria Veterinary Practice Ltd (Alnwick )
Cuthbert Richard Alnorthumbria Vets
Bradburn Stuart Andrew Melling Ltd
Campbell Layna Andrew Melling Ltd
Gough Jemma Animal Veterinary Services
McCotter Jonathan Animal Veterinary Services
Berry Elizabeth Animax Limited
Swinson Vanessa APHA
Bray Catherine APHA Field Office
Knox Joanna Archway Veterinary Practice
Millar Andrew Ardene House Vet Practice Ltd
Brough Alison Ark Vet Centre
Mckay Ciara Ark Vet Centre
Preston Jordan Ark Vet Centre
Boyes Gareth Ark Veterinary Centre
Cameron Callum Ark Veterinary Centre
Dick Iain Ark Veterinary Centre
Stewart Penny Armac Vets Ltd
Casby Eilidh Armour Veterinary Group Ltd
Hewitt Edward Armour Veterinary Group Ltd
McCrae Holly Armour Veterinary Group Ltd
Sparks Tom Armour Veterinary Group Ltd
Walker Alan Armour Veterinary Group Ltd
Buckingham Paul Arrowfield Veterinary Practice
Payne Matthew Avenue Veterinary Centre
Buchan Colin Avondale Veterinary Group
Oldroyd Jennifer Avondale Veterinary Group
Harcourt-Brown Lahra Axe Valley Large Animal Vets
Smith Rachel Axe Valley Large Animal Vets
Gay Rebecca Axe Valley Veterinary Practice Limited
Hole Alice Axe Valley Veterinary Practice Limited
Wilson Lily Badgers Oak Veterinary Clinic
May Elizabeth Bainbridge Vets
Hinde Davinia Bainbridge Vets Ltd
Stirke Pippa Bainbridge Vets Ltd
Woodhouse Michael Bainbridge Vets Ltd
Ross Douglas Bakewell Veterinary Clinic Limited
Wieser Danny Bakewell Veterinary Clinic Limited
Bramwell Giles Bakewell Vets
Shiles John Barley Close Farm
Bland Emmie Beacon Farm Vets
Hodgson Scott Beacon Veterinary Centre
Kerr James Belle Vue Veterinary Practice
Reid Alistair Belle Vue Veterinary Practice
Steel David Belle Vue Veterinary Practice
Steele Iain Belle Vue Veterinary Practice
Todd Richard Belle Vue Veterinary Practice
Walker Andrea Belle Vue Veterinary Practice
McDonald Andrew Belle Vue Vets Ltd
Paige Jack Belle Vue Vets Ltd
Powell Beth Belle Vue Vets Ltd
Allman Will Belmont Farm and Equine Vets Ltd
Bellamy Michael Belmont Farm and Equine Vets Ltd
Cooke Andrew Belmont Farm and Equine Vets Ltd
Main William Belmont Farm and Equine Vets Ltd
Mitchell Hannah Belmont Farm and Equine Vets Ltd
Pugh Matthew Belmont Farm and Equine Vets Ltd
Sisamon Javier Belmont Farm and Equine Vets Ltd
Walby Harry Belmont Farm and Equine Vets Ltd
Totir Stefan Bennett-Williams Vets
Babb Jim Benson & Babb
Darvill Robert Benson & Babb
Burr Paul Biobest Laboratories Ltd
Duthie Susan Biobest Laboratories Ltd
Johnson Michael Biobest Laboratories Ltd
Turner Haig Kate Biobest Laboratories Ltd
Nelson Rebecca Bishops Stortford
Tibbot Graham Bishopton Veterinary Group
Alcock Philip Bishopton Veterinary Group LLP
Eastham Neil Bishopton Veterinary Group LLP
Forde Leanne Bishopton Veterinary Group LLP
King Dan Bishopton Veterinary Group LLP
Lyle Rosie Bishopton Veterinary Group LLP
Middleton Miles Bishopton Veterinary Group LLP
Oliver Alexander Bishopton Veterinary Group LLP
Shepherd Katharine Bishopton Veterinary Group LLP
Spilman Mark Bishopton Veterinary Group LLP
Statham Jonathan Bishopton Veterinary Group LLP
Wight Jack Bishopton Veterinary Group LLP
Button Andrew Blakemere Veterinary Centre
Hughes Lauren Blakemere Veterinary Centre
Jenkin Rebecca Blakemere Veterinary Centre
Wood Andrew Blowey & Wood
Griffith John Bodrwnsiwn Veterinary Group
Shepherd Elizabeth Border Vets
Foster Charlie Borders Vets
May Peter Bovine Health & Reproduction
Diment Jon Bredy Veterinary Centre
O’Mahony John Bredy Veterinary Centre
Julian Melanie Broughton Veterinary Group Ltd
Morrison Hannah Broughton Veterinary Group Ltd
Browne Richard Browne & McKinney
McKinney William Browne & McKinney
Russell Elaine Brownlow Veterinary Group
Taylor Alison Buchan Veterinary Clinics
Kean Bethany Bute And Cowal Vets
Bass David Caerwys Vets
Coope James Cain Veterinary Centre
Edwards Robert Cain Veterinary Centre
Jackson Alana Cain Veterinary Centre
McMillan Ailsa Cain Veterinary Centre
Watson Liz Cain Veterinary Centre
Wilson Simon Cain Veterinary Centre
Gough Stuart Calweton Veterinary Centre
Luckhurst Chris Calweton Veterinary Centre
Kay Lucie Calweton Veterinary Group
Macinnes Miranda Calweton Veterinary Group
Shuttleworth Jennifer Calweton Veterinary Group
Reilly Beth Cambridge Farm Animal Veterinary Services
Burge Rogers Maedee Cambridge University Veterinary School
Chapman Katy Cameron & Greig
Cooper Michelle Cameron & Greig
Kerr Lisa Cameron & Greig
McIntyre Michelle Cameron & Greig
McKee Euan Cameron & Greig
Cunningham Louise Cameron and Greig Vets
Hall Katherine Camlas Farm Vets LLP
McKie Amy Camlas Farm Vets LLP
Roberts Fflur Camlas Farm Vets LLP
White Iolo Camlas Farm Vets LLP
Beattie Kevin Capontree Vet Centre
Hayton Mark Capontree Vet Centre
Mundell Brian Capontree Vet Centre
Lindsay Colin Capontree Veterinary Practice Ltd.
Mccrea David Capontree Veterinary Practice Ltd.
Mayne Katy Carmarthen Veterinary Centre
Scott Helen Carmarthen Veterinary Centre
Wyse Angus Castle House Veterinary Practice
Caldwell Sarah Castle Veterinary Group
Hobbs Bekky Castle Veterinary Group
Knowles Katie Castle Veterinary Group
Montgomery Jessica Castle Veterinary Group
Bebbington Timothy Castle Veterinary Group Ltd
Daniel Katherine Castle Veterinary Group Ltd
Howgill Helen Castle Veterinary Group Ltd
Serres Roger Castle Veterinary Group Ltd
Silva Joana Castle Veterinary Group Ltd
Peat Martin Castle Veterinary Practice Ltd
Barlow Laura Castle Veterinary Surgeons
Robson Sara Castle Veterinary Surgeons
Wilson Norman Castle Veterinary Surgeons
Coombes David Cedar Farm Practice Ltd
Crook Alex Cedar Farm Practice Ltd
Dolbear Matthew Cedar Farm Practice Ltd
Kenway Hannah Cedar Farm Practice Ltd
Stockton David Chapelfield Veterinary Partnership
Trickey Steven Chapelfield Veterinary Partnership
Turley Olivia Chapelfield Veterinary Partnership
Chapman Charlotte Chapman Veterinary Services Ltd
Barclay Alasdair Charnwood Veterinary Centre
Dawson Emily Charter Veterinary Hospital
Brown Chloe Chaseview Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Clark Anna Chaseview Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Misselbrook Nigel Chaseview Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Bower Hugo Cheshire Farm Vets
Marmion Jenny Cheshire Farm Vets
Schaeli Urs Cheviot Vets Ltd
Fraser Neil Churchfield Veterinary Centre
Barber Andrew Clevedale Vet Practice
Berry Katherine Clevedale Vet Practice
Bowness Dawn Clevedale Vet Practice
Bunyan Kalmos Clevedale Vet Practice
Middlemas Pippa Clevedale Vet Practice
Burns Chris Cliffe Veterinary Group
Hernandez Melodie Cliffe Veterinary Group
Pengelly Carmen Cliffe Veterinary Group
Pepper Bill Cliffe Veterinary Group Ltd
Pile Nick Cliffe Veterinary Group Ltd
Thorpe Claire Cliffe Veterinary Group Ltd
Verkuijl Nanja Cliffe Veterinary Group Ltd
Brodie Iain Clyde Vet Group
Denholm Michael Clyde Vet Group
Fox Neil Clyde Vet Group
Legg Eleanor Clyde Vet Group
Marsden Hamish Clyde Vet Group
Marwood Charles Clyde Vet Group
Reisinger Walter Clyde Vet Group
Crawshaw Thomas Clyde Veterinary Group
Hamilton Trevor Clyde Veterinary Group
Wilson Corrie Clyde Veterinary Group
Bird Rebecca Coast 2 Coast Farm Vets
Gray Polly Coast 2 Coast Farm Vets
Worth Dean Coast2Coast  Farm Vets
Iddles Fiona Coast2Coast Farm Vets
Mitchell Simon Coast2Coast Farm Vets
Sivam Kumar Coast2Coast Farm Vets
Coldicott John Coldicott Veterinary Surgery
Denston Charlotte Coomara Veterinary Practice
Thomson Harrison Coomara Veterinary Practice
Clayton Jenny Coombefield Veterinary Hospital
Dawber Phil Cornwall Dairy Vets
Hutley Ben Cornwall Dairy Vets
Jones Amy Cornwall Dairy Vets
Macken Emer County Vets
Mcharg Megan County Vets
Kennedy Emma County Vets Ltd
Brocket James Craig Robinson Vets
Quayle Ben Craig Robinson Vets
Quayle Douglas Craig Robinson Vets
Blain Victoria Craig Robinson Vets Ltd
Reay Mari Craig Robinson Vets Ltd
Bailey Chris Craven Farm Vets
Barrett Andy Craven Farm Vets
Green Tom Craven Farm Vets
Montgomerie Adam Craven Farm Vets
Stockton Jonathan Craven Farm Vets
Thompson Mark Craven Farm Vets
Gourlay Rupert Creebridge Veterinary Centre
MacMenemey Fiona Creebridge Veterinary Centre
Borradaile Jonathan Cross Green Veterinary Centre
Jowett Rebecca Cross Green Veterinary Centre
Legate Emily Cross Green Veterinary Centre
Robertson Abigail Cross Green Veterinary Centre
Senior Iain Crossriggs Veterinary Clinic
Koch Veronika Cundall & Duffy
Noonan Erin Cundall & Duffy Veterinary Surgeons
Hallows Nicky CVS Vets
Richards Nia D E Evans Veterinary Surgery
Gilbert Dave Dairy Insight Ltd
Atkinson Owen Dairy Veterinary Consultancy Ltd
Howarth Russell Dalehead Veterinary Group Ltd
Illingworth Ian Dalehead Veterinary Group Ltd
Linney Andrew Dalehead Veterinary Group Ltd
Marriott John Dalehead Veterinary Group Ltd
Roberts Neil Dalehead Veterinary Group Ltd
Swindlehurst Karen Dalehead Veterinary Group Ltd
Harrison David Daleside Veterinary Group
Tomlinson Guy Daleside Veterinary Group / Daleside Animal Care Ltd
Burge Matthew Damory Veterinary Clinic
Lowis Isabella Damory Veterinary Clinic
Patton Ian Damory Veterinary Clinic
Sage Laura Damory Veterinary Clinic
D’alterio Gian Damory Vets
Simcock Emily Dart Vale Veterinary Group
Morrison Oliver De Montfort Veterinary Hospital
Yandell Hayley Deane Veterianry Centre
Patel Clive Dee Valley Vets
Gamwells Tom Delaware Veterinary Group
Gue Matt Delaware Veterinary Group
Jenkins Owain Delaware Veterinary Group
Swetnam Laura Delaware Veterinary Group
Turner Katie Delaware Veterinary Group
Kerby Michael Delaware Veterinary Group
Trethewey Stephen Derbyshire Vets
MacRae Alastair Division of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Kilburn Claire Donaldson Vets
Smith Matthew Donaldson’s Vets Limited
Melleney David Donaldsons Vets Ltd
Searson Shona Donaldson’s Vets
Hodgkiss Laura Donnachie & Townley Ltd
Slater Julian Donnington Grove Veterinary Group
Body Stephen Donview Veterinary Centre
Chalmers Megan Drove Farm Vets
Baxter Emily Drove Farm Vets Limited
Brodie Kate Drove Farm Vets Limited
Mcpherson Alex Drove Farm Vets Limited
Price Christopher Drove Farm Vets Limited
White Ella Drove Farm Vets Limited
Powell Jenny Drybridge Veterinary Clinic
Brown Deborah Dugdale Nutrition
Vangucci Benjamin E C Straiton and Partners Ltd
Foster Steven E.C Straiton and Partners Ltd
Giles Lucy E.C Straiton And Partners Ltd
Woodcock Stephen E.C Straiton and Partners Ltd
Webb Harris E.C Straiton and Partners Ltd
Backhouse Vicky Eastgate Veterinary Centre (Pickering)
Cockerill Helen Eastgate Veterinary Centre (Pickering)
Farrow Emily Eastgate Veterinary Centre (Pickering)
Sennitt Rachel Eastgate Veterinary Centre (Pickering)
Cooper Richard EBVC Ltd
Husband James EBVC Ltd
Smith Ainslie Eden Veterinary Practice
Williams Josh Endell Veterinary Group
Jerram Lucy Endell Veterinary Group Ltd
Willshire James Endell Veterinary Group Ltd
Cutler Keith Endell Veterinary Practice
Ward Emma Estcourt House Veterinary Surgeons
Moorhouse Julia Evidence Group
John Brendan Evolution Vets LLP
Wilson Sally Evolution Vets LLP
Bragg Rachel Farm Animal Practice
Fisher Victoria Farm First Vet Services
Jones Hilary Farm First Vet Services
Smith Robert Farm First Vet Services
Anscombe Jane Farm First Veterinary Services
Maxwell Andrew Farm First Veterinary Surgeons
Stott Mark Farm Gate Veterinary Services Ltd
Thornton Bethany Farm Gate Vets
Hardy Max Farm Vet Solutions
Thorne Michael Farm Vet Solutions
Watton Chris Farm Vet Solutions
Butterworth Christopher Farm Vets South West
Dean Rebecca Farmgate Veterinary Services Ltd
Ferguson Tim Farmgate Veterinary Services Ltd
Harker Sarah Farmgate Veterinary Services Ltd
Inman Becky Farmgate Veterinary Services Ltd
McKinstry Jim Farmgate Veterinary Services Ltd
Ozols Emily Farmgate Veterinary Services Ltd
Rutherford Andrew Farmgate Veterinary Services Ltd
Barrenho Goncalo FarmVets SouthWest
Hedley Eliot FarmVets SouthWest
Jackson David FarmVets SouthWest
McAlonan Eoghan FarmVets SouthWest
Taylor David FarmVets SouthWest
Crosby Tom FarmVets SouthWest (Westpoint)
McAlonan Arthur FarmVets SouthWest (Westpoint)
White Cormac FarmVets SouthWest (Westpoint)
Davies Richard Fenton Veterinary Practice Limited
Prichard Sophie Fenton Veterinary Practice Limited
Cooper Alex Fenton Vets
Thomas Becca Fenton Vets
Armstrong Paul Firth Veterinary Centre
Davidson John Flett and Carmichael
Flett Liz Flett and Carmichael
Lawson Jake Focus Farm Vets
Kitchen David Focus Farm Vets Ltd
Milby Heather Focus Farm Vets Ltd
Stack Emma Focus Farm Vets Ltd
Watson Martin Forest House Veterinary Group Ltd
Barlow Graham Forest House Vets Ltd
Gibbs Steven Forest House Vets Ltd
Hollinshead Edward Forest House Vets Ltd
Anderson Rhona Forth Valley Vets
Gammage Nina Forth Valley Vets
Rodger Ian Forth Valley Vets
Jones Ella Four Crosses Veterinary Centre Ltd
Yeates Helen Four Crosses Veterinary Surgery
Green Becca Four Crosses Vets
Anderton Richard Frame, Swift & Partners
Rook Martin Frame, Swift & Partners
Swift Chris Frame, Swift & Partners
Tennant Rachel Frame, Swift & Partners
Walsh John Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic
Fulop Mihaela Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic
Allen Julian Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Alony-Gilboa Yoav Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Bellini Jenny Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Butnaru Bogdan Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Child Jo Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Doran Paul Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Hepworth Lucy Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Livingstone Eleanor Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Rogers Helen Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Wilkinson Alice Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Norquay Robert Galedin Farm Vets
Carling Rebekah Galedin Veterinary
McCormick Iain Galedin Veterinary
McGillivray Colin Galedin Veterinary
Gkiousas Asimakis Galemire Veterinary Hospital
Dockeray Jonathan Galemire Veterinary Practice
Brown Giselle Galloway Veterinary Group
Mccarthy William Galloway Veterinary Group
Rose Andrew Garden Veterinary Group
Jones Dewi Garden Veterinary Group LLP
Mallard Gregory Garston Supplies Ltd
Mangham Chris Garston Supplies Ltd
Talbot Richard Garston Supplies Ltd
Logie Emily Garston Supplies Ltd
Roberts Alex Garston Supplies Ltd
Ryder James Garston Supplies Ltd
Doel Georgina Garston Veterinary Group
Allen David Geledin Vets
Nixon Georgina George Veterinary Group Hospital
Giles George Giles & Parsons Farm Vets
Parsons Jon Giles & Parsons Farm Vets
Bowditch Pamela Girling & Bowditch
Girling Terry Girling and Bowditch
Cammack John Glenthorne Veterinary Group
Falder Nicola Glenthorne Veterinary Group
Gidlow Bethan Glenthorne Veterinary Group
Kirk John Glenthorne Veterinary Group
Whitehurst Gillian Glenthorne Veterinary Group
Crust Emma Glenthorne Vets LTD
Hopkins Sophie Grace Lane Vets
Roberts Honor Green & Forster
Maxwell Oliver Green Counties Vets Ltd
Thurston David Green Hollow Veterinary Group
Coutts Morven Greenside Veterinary Practice Ltd
Stoakes Derek Griffiths & Stoakes
Bonar Sam Grove Veterinary Centre
Hopkins Nikki Hafren Veterinary Group
Hughes John Hafren Veterinary Group
Shaw Georgina Hafren Veterinary Group
Franks Olivia Hampden Partners Limited
Grabnar Petra Hampden Partners Limited
Hills Holly Hampden Veterinary Hospital
Simkins Kim Hampden Veterinary Hospital
Taylor Sarah Hampden Veterinary Hospital
Clay Harvey Harvey Jane Clay BVSc MRCVS
Foulkes Matthew Hay Veterinary Group LLP
Weyers Zeinab Head & Head Veterinary Centre
Yu Liu Pui Head and Head Ltd
Knight Roxanne Head and Head Vet Practice
Alston Johnny Head and Head Veterinary Practice
Bruce-Miller Melanie Head and Head Vets
Strachan Sally Hird & Partners LLP
Lockett Chris Hird and Partners LLP
Macpherson Ian Hird and Partners LLP
Jackson Michelle Holmefield Farm Services
Sola Xavier Holmefield Farm Services
Smith Ciona Honddu Vets
Baldwyn Sam Hook Norton Veterinary Group
Davey Will Hook Norton Veterinary Group LLP
Potter Sam Hook Norton Veterinary Group LLP
Prisada Ioan Mihail Hook Norton Veterinary Group LLP
Van Den Meijdenberg Harm Hook Norton Veterinary Group LLP
Harrison Charlotte Hook Norton Veterinary Surgeons
Hickinson Mark Horizon Dairy Vets
Turtle Colin How Farmvet
Button Ellie Howells Veterinary Services
Cree Nicola Howells Veterinary Services
Alexander George Howells Veterinary Services Ltd
Curtis Sian Howells Veterinary Services Ltd
Downie Kate Howells Veterinary Services ltd
Howells Mark Howells Veterinary Services ltd
Neilson Peter Howells Veterinary Services Ltd
Ramsden Luke Howells Veterinary Services Ltd
McFarland James Icknield Vet Group Ltd
Parrish Kate Icknield Vet Group Ltd
Benjamin Katharine Icknield Veterinary Group
Egli Christoph IDEXX Europe B.V.
Le Cocq Lucy Isabelle Vets Ltd
Mcauley Anthony J and M Jackson
Beck Jeremy J J Beck Veterinary Surgeon
Jackson James Jackson Veterinary Surgery
Slade Will Jonathan Wood Vets Ltd
Savage Mark Jubilee Veterinary Centre
Coates Victoria Kebir House Veterinary Practice Ltd
Simpson Alun Kebir House Veterinary Practice Ltd
Vayro Hilary Kebir House Veterinary Practice Ltd
Power-Kane Charlotte Kenwyn Veterinary Centre
Vaughan Guy Kenwyn Veterinary Centre Ltd
Crooke Joanna Kernow Farm & Equine
Newton Serena Kernow Farm & Equine Vets
Sokol Justyna Kernow Veterinary Group
Todd Alistair Kernow Veterinary Group
Fraser Ron Kernow Veterinary Group Limited ( Bodmin )
Hawksworth Katy Kernow Veterinary Group Limited ( Bodmin )
Tyler Lucy Kingsplay Farming Co. Ltd
Atkinson Paul Kingston Veterinary Group
Loader Gemma Kingston Veterinary Group
Millar Louise Kintyre Veterinary Services
McLaren David Kirkton Vet Centre
Welch-van Veen Patricia Knockanboy Veterinary Clinic
Cook Richard Knox & Devlin
Howe Rob Lambert Leonard & May (Lancs) LLP
Hampson Sarah Lambert Leonard & May LLP
Bevan Michael Lanes Vets Ltd
Blair Janis Lanes Vets Ltd
Collas Harry Lanes Vets Ltd
Horsfield Janet Lanes Vets Ltd
Lyons Tom Lanes Vets Ltd
Fryars Lora Lanes Vets Ltd
Adams Rachel Langford Farm Animal Practice
Turner Andrea Langford Farm Animal Practice
Woollatt Sarah Langford Vets Farm Animal Practice
Goodson Jonathan Larkmead Veterinary Group
Randolph Claerwen Larkmead Veterinary Group
Wood Max Larkmead Veterinary Group
Isaacs Adelle Larkmead Veterinary Group LTD
Leith Martin Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre
Tait James Lerwick Veterinary Practice
Chakwenya Jeffrey Lincs Vet Solutions Ltd
Arrowsmith Katie LLM Farm Vets
Beckett Alun LLM Farm Vets
Cure Ian LLM Farm Vets
Dodd Rebecca LLM Farm Vets
Downes Thomas LLM Farm Vets
Fitzgerald Katie LLM Farm Vets
Fitzsimmonds Hannah LLM Farm Vets
Hall Rob LLM Farm Vets
Henderson Andrew LLM Farm Vets
Hughes Laura LLM Farm Vets
Hylands Matt LLM Farm Vets
Jackson Thomas LLM Farm Vets
King Simon LLM Farm Vets
May Timothy William LLM Farm Vets
Mayer Jonathan LLM Farm Vets
Millar Roland LLM Farm Vets
Partridge Samantha LLM Farm Vets
Stevenson Daniel LLM Farm Vets
Teixeira Raquel LLM Farm Vets
Whittle Claire LLM Farm Vets
Irving Kate LLM FarmVets
McElrea Robert Loudounhill Veterinary Clinic
Hillman Richard Luxstowe Vets
Linton Emily Luxstowe Vets Limited
Dixon Jade MacArthur Barstow & Gibbs
Gibbs Anne MacArthur Barstow & Gibbs
Rafferty Josephine MacArthur Barstow & Gibbs
Whiteley Philip MacArthur Barstow & Gibbs
Mckie Hilary Machars Vet Services
Wallace Joanne Machars Veterinary Services Ltd
Devoy Mike Marches Veterinary Group
Morgan Linda Marches Veterinary Group
Jackson Alice Market Hall Veterinary Group
Staak David Market Hall Veterinary Group
Evans Alun Market Hall Veterinary Group Market
Melo Sara Market Hall Veterinary Surgery
Lintin Samantha Market Veterinary Centre
Spreull Lucy Market Veterinary Centre
Crawshaw Mark MBM Vets Limited
Fallon Michael MBM Vets Limited
Hutchison Jennifer MBM Vets Limited
MacDonald Niall MBM Vets Limited
McCappin Natasha MBM Vets Limited
McIntosh Jock MBM Vets Limited
Patel Shrea McMurtry & Harding Veterinary Practice
Ruffles Amy McMurtry & Harding Veterinary Practice
Walton Sarah McMurtry & Harding Veterinary Practice
Wilkins Chris McMurtry & Harding Veterinary Practice
Hodges Elizabeth Meadows Farm vets
Robinson Morgan Meadows Farm Vets Ltd
Jamieson Ewan Meadows Veterinary Centre
Prentice Alasdair Meadows Veterinary Centre
Fowlie Graeme Medows Vet Centre
Howie Hamish Medwyn Vets Ltd
Karvountzis Sotirios Mendip Veterinary Services Ltd
Clemence Angus Midshire Farm and Equine
Fletcher Hannah Midshire Veterinary Group Ltd
Henderson Robert Midshire Veterinary Group Ltd
Matheson Hannah Midshire Veterinary Group Ltd
Ridout Fiona Midshire Veterinary Group Ltd
Viljoen Barend Milan Veterinary Ltd
Shrives Wade Milan Veterinary Practice
Evans Arwyn Milfeddygon Deufor
Griffith Bethan Milfeddygon Deufor
Wyn Jones Geraint Milfeddygon Deufor
Parry Iwan Milfeddygon Dolgellau
Cook Jennie Milfeddygon Dolgellau CYF
Jones Alice Milfeddygon Dolgellau CYF
Pugh Katherine Milfeddygon Dolgellau Veterinary
Frayne James Millcroft Veterinary Group
Hutchison Graeme Millcroft Veterinary Group
Sloan Laura Millcroft Veterinary Group
Welford Rod Millcroft Veterinary Group
Dalman Emma Minster Veterinary Centre
Hewitson Mark Minster Veterinary Centre
Barradale Nick Molecare Veterinary Services
Chilcott Alistair Molecare Veterinary Services
Gregory Christopher Molecare Veterinary Services
Lacrosse Sylvaine Molecare Veterinary Services
McAloon John Molecare Veterinary Services
Patel Stephanie Molecare Veterinary Services
Pillar Lorna Molecare Veterinary Services
Scotter Katie Molecare Veterinary Services
Young Rose Molecare Veterinary Services
Elkins Phil Moo Vet Consultancy
Clancy Stephen Moorland Veterinary Centre
Thompson Helen Moorland Veterinary Centre
Latham Tracy Moorland Veterinary Centre Ltd
Glover Mark Morton Veterinary Consultancy Limited
Skillen Michelle Mossvet Ltd
Griffiths Hannah Mount Vets
Aldington Charlie Mount Vets Ltd
Balch David Mount Vets Ltd
Caygill Alistair Mount Vets Ltd
Mangham Robert Mount Vets Ltd
Pepperell Piers Mount Vets Ltd
Winearls Alastair Mount Vets Ltd
Young Stuart Mount Vets Ltd
Judkins Ollie Mount Vets Veterinary Hospital
McDonnell Samantha Nant Vets Surgery
Mitchell Joseph Nantwich Farm Vets
Russell Stuart Nantwich Farm Vets LLP
Scarisbrick Craig Nantwich Farm Vets LLP
Cox Amy Nantwich Veterinary Group
Crowe Steven Nantwich Veterinary Group
Donovan Laura Nantwich Veterinary Group
Duncalfe Peter Nantwich Veterinary Group
George Robert Nantwich Veterinary Group
Manson John Nantwich Veterinary Group
Shaw David Nantwich Veterinary Group
Wilkinson Michael Nantwich Veterinary Group
Yarwood John Nantwich Veterinary Group
Williamson Sarah Nantwich Veterinary Hospital
Watson Eamon National Milk Records
Baker Carol Nick Baker
Hennen Alison Nithsdale Vets Limited
Padkin Alistair Nithsdale Vets Limited
Hastings Peter Nithsdale Vets Ltd
Matthews Sarah Nithsdale Vets Ltd
Bond Karen NMR
David John Norcal Vet Services
Card Joanna Norcal Veterinary Services
Cooper Jono Norcal Veterinary Services
Loader Hannah Norcal Veterinary Services
Plummer Charlotte Norcal Veterinary Services
Hobbs Jonathan North Park Veterinary Group
Akers Clare Northpark Veterinary Group
Friggens Martin Northpark Veterinary Group
Houldcroft Amy Northpark Veterinary Group
Put Elske Northpark Veterinary Group
Bailey Suzanne Oakhill Veterinary Centre
Bowers Amy Oakhill Veterinary Centre
Bramall Andrew Oakhill Veterinary Centre
Critchley Holegn Oakhill Veterinary Centre
Marsden Roger Oakhill Veterinary Centre
Millward Sam Oakhill Veterinary Centre
Murphy Michael Oakhill Veterinary Centre
Newsome Laura Oakhill Veterinary Centre
Parker Charlie Oakhill Veterinary Centre
Passant Steve Oakhill Veterinary Centre
Towers Tracey Oakhill Veterinary Centre
Craven Emily Oakwood Veterinary Practice Ltd
Garnett Alex Oakwood Veterinary Practice Ltd
Navas Maria Oakwood Veterinay Group
Richards Neale Orchard House Vets
Aitken James Orchard Veterinary Group
Breen James Orchard Veterinary Group
Dobson Charlotte Orchard Veterinary Group
Judge Alice Orchard Veterinary Group
Wakeman Harry Orchard Veterinary Group
Oxenham Gordon Otter Vets
Bradshaw Charlie Overdale Vet Centre
Gowers Timothy Overdale Vets
Abbs Anne Paragon Veterinary Group
Cooper Barry Paragon Veterinary Group
Kemp Alec Paragon Veterinary Group
Kerr Annie Paragon Veterinary Group
Kirkwood Paul Paragon Veterinary Group
Mouncey Shona Paragon Veterinary Group
Oudhuis Victor Paragon Veterinary Group
Pennington Charlotte Paragon Veterinary Group
Prins Diether Paragon Veterinary Group
Reed Jemma Paragon Veterinary Group
Richards Bruce Paragon Veterinary Group
Simmons Robert Paragon Veterinary Group
Wilkinson Philip Paragon Veterinary Group
Sowter Richard Park Hall Veterinary Clinic
Holliday Kim Park Issa Veterinary Hospital
Tubbs Lucy Park Issa Veterinary Hospital
Veneklaas Slots Hans Park Issa Veterinary Hospital
Wooley Rachel Park Issa Veterinary Hospital
Gardiner Mark Park Veterinary Centre
Newsome Reuben Park Veterinary Group
Dunlop Gordon Parkhill Veterinary Surgery
Crozier Alistair Parkside Veterinary Group Ltd
Southey Hollie Peak Veterinary Limited
Prior Stephanie Penbode Veterinary Group
Ashford Sally Penbode Vets Ltd
Bingham Lesley Penbode Vets Ltd
Chapman Jonathan Penbode Vets Ltd
Charlton Oliver Penbode Vets Ltd
Evans Matthew Penbode Vets Ltd
Forgan Kate Penbode Vets Ltd
Forrester Daniel Penbode Vets Ltd
Harris-Bryant Tamsin Penbode Vets Ltd
James Tomas Penbode vets Ltd
Kakatsidis Nikolaos Penbode vets Ltd
Leighton Philip Penbode Vets Ltd
Medland Lauren Penbode Vets Ltd
Milbank Elizabeth Penbode Vets Ltd
Peat Katy Penbode Vets Ltd
Phillpot Sarah Penbode Vets Ltd
Stokes Andy Penbode Vets Ltd
Turner Rachel Penbode Vets Ltd
Johnson Sarah Pendragon Vet Ltd
Spooner Richard Pendragon Vet Ltd
Gercke Elisabeth PG Farm Vets Ltd
Hood James Pilgrims Veterinary Practice
Burns Alison Portland House Veterinary Group
Rothwell Michael Portland House Veterinary Group
Campion David Priory Veterinary Centre
McIntyre Roselyn Priory Veterinary Centre
Rhodes-Cheong Hannah Priory Veterinary Centre
Jones Nia Priory Vets
Burki Joost Priory Vets Cardigan
Jones George Priory Vets Cardigan
Jones Leighanne Priory Vets Cardigan
Mitton Lavinia Priory Vets Cardigan
Ryan Moira Priory Vets Cardigan
Dimelow Abigail Prostock Vets
Kereme Greete Prostock Vets
Sioukiouroglou Magdalini Prostock Vets
Timmerman Miranda Prostock Vets
Charnley Rosemary Prostock Vets Limited
Dibble Harry ProStock Vets Limited
Farrar Lee Prostock Vets Limited
Pera Francesca Prostock Vets Limited
Seed Richard Prostock Vets Limited
Sheppard Rupert Prostock Vets Limited
Davies Stephen ProStock Vets Ltd
Fenemore Sam ProStock Vets Ltd
Redman Sarah-Jane ProStock Vets Ltd
Jarman Hannah Prostock Vets Ltd,
Cameron Sean Putlands Veterinary Practice
Mccormack Alan (Hugh) Rae, Bean & Partners
Miles Hannah Rase Veterinary Centre
Pride Stacey Rase Veterinary Centre
Allison Mark Riada Veterinary Clinic
Conn Adam Riada Veterinary Clinic
Horn Tiffany Ribble Vets
Whitehead Anna Ribble Vets
Foley Benjamin Ribble Vets Ltd
McMillan Anne Robertson & Or
McLay Rhona Robertson & Orr
Andrew Claire Robertson & Orr Vet Practice
Hastie Catriona Robertson & Orr Vet Practice
Matheson Kate Robson & Prescott the Veterinary Centre
Forwood Joanne Robson and Prescott Vets
Danks Martin Roden Grove Vet Centre
Quayle Jennifer Rose Cottage Veterinary Centre
Berriman Matthew Rosevean Veterinary Practice
Neale Rebecca Rosevean Veterinary Practice
Such Zackary Rosevean Veterinary Practice Ltd
Cotton Ashley Rowcliffe House Vets
Boye Sabine Rowcliffe House Vets Limited
Megarity Jason Rowcliffe House Vets Limited
McNally Sedona Rowcliffe House Vets Ltd
Steerforth Daniel-Dean Royal Veterinary College
Plate Peter Royal Veterinary College, South of England
Panesar Nimrath RVC
Henderson Katrina SAC Dumfries
Rowlands Emyr Sandstone Vet Group
Tunney Owen Sandstone Vet Group
Smalley Michael Sandwich Veterinary Centre Ltd
Baguley Carolyn Scarsdale Veterinary Group
Bryant Chantal Scarsdale Veterinary Group
Howard Robert Scarsdale Veterinary Group
Jackson Rose Scarsdale Veterinary Group
Mays Charlie Scarsdale Veterinary Group
Charles David Scarsdale Veterinary Group,
Oliver Lee-Anne Scott Mitchell & Associates
Balkwill Richard Selworthy Veterinary Group
Jones Christopher Selworthy Veterinary Group
Callaghan Gerard Severn Edge Farm Ltd
Carr Susan Severn Edge Farm Ltd
Woodroff Christopher Severn Edge Vets
Shepherd Graeme Shepherds Veterinary Practice Limited
Head Michael Shepton Veterinary Group
Mayo Charlotte Shepton Veterinary Group
Neale Charles Shepton Veterinary Group
Patch Anna Shepton Veterinary Group
Perkins Alex Shepton Veterinary Group
Powell Robert Shepton Veterinary Group
Thomas Elizabeth Shepton Veterinary Group
Mellor Catherine Shire Vets Ltd
Allen David Shires Veterinary Practice
Malpass Sarah Shires Veterinary Practice
Twomlow Adam Shires Veterinary Practice
Widdowson Ellen Shires Veterinary Practice
McCree Matthew Shires Vets Ltd
Hemingway John Shropshire Farm Vets Ltd
Hughes Sean Shropshire Farm Vets Ltd
Loewenstein Nathan Shropshire Farm Vets Ltd
Marsden James Shropshire Farm Vets Ltd
O’Sullivan Tim Shropshire Farm Vets Ltd
Wood Rod Shropshire Farm Vets Ltd
Watson Ben South Devon Farm Vets
Combes Amy South Moor Vets
Gay Sarah South Moor Vets
Lawrence Freya South Moor Vets
Lethbridge Georgina South Moor Vets
Odbert Ben South Moor Vets
Walters Richard South Moor Vets
Fuller Russell South Wales Farm Vets
Walters Mary South Wales Farm Vets
Dunford Katrina Southwood Common Farm
Brister Sean Spire Vets
Marsden Johanna St Davids Farm Vets
Parker Rachel St Davids Farm Vets
Reid Charlotte St Davids Farm Vets
Bijker Ingrid St. Boniface Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Fowler Charlotte St. Boniface Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Just Chris St. Boniface Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Risdon Rachel St. Boniface Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Wotton Ruth St. Boniface Veterinary Clinic Ltd
Franklin Alex St. James’ Veterinary Group
Mottram Helen Stanley House Veterinary Group
Walmsley James David Stanley House Vets
Parry Gareth Stapeley Veterinary Practice
Veenstra Benno Stapeley Veterinary Practice
Moelands Dominique Stapley Veterinary Practice
Moreno Vargas Jose Stapley Veterinary Practice
Hopkins James Steffan Veterinary Services
Van Staden Kirstyn Steffan Veterinary Services
Burton Christopher Stowe Veterinary Group
Rose Henry Stowe Veterinary Group
Fraser Fern Strand Veterinary Practice
Tinkler Ciara Strand Veterinary Practice
Cowie Ruth Strathspey Veterinary Centre
Morris Maria Strule Veterinary Services
Baikie Charlotte Summerleaze Vets Ltd
Goulden William Summerleaze Vets Ltd
Hinman Nicola Summerleaze Vets Ltd
Laycock Tom Summerleaze Vets Ltd
Morgan Lucy Summerleaze Vets Ltd
Campbell Lesley Swale Veterinary Surgery
Fall Derrick Swale Veterinary Surgery
Daly Patrick Swanspool Veterinary Clinic
Barber Ben Synergy Farm Health
Burnell Mark Synergy Farm Health
Clarke Tom Synergy Farm Health
Cook Thomas Synergy Farm Health
Cottam Sam Synergy Farm Health
Davies Andrew Synergy Farm Health
Eames Clare Synergy Farm Health
Foden Gareth Synergy Farm Health
Gascoigne Emily Synergy Farm Health
Hayton Alastair Synergy Farm Health
Hayton Rachel Synergy Farm Health
Mcpherson Graeme Synergy Farm Health
Moffett Alasdair Synergy Farm Health
Mouland Charlotte Synergy Farm Health
O’Malley Peter Synergy Farm Health
Perry Caroline Synergy Farm Health
Powell-Jackson Edward Synergy Farm Health
Reader Jon Synergy Farm Health
Rudd Claire Synergy Farm Health
Shardlow Tom Synergy Farm Health
Siviter Peter Synergy Farm Health
Swain Joshua Synergy Farm Health
Warboys Tom Synergy Farm Health
Locke Howard Tamar Vets
Dustan Benjamin Tarn Farm Vets
Kirner Chris Tenby Vets
Scales Paula Tern Vets Ltd
Squires Matthew Tern Vets Ltd
Steel John Tern Vets Ltd
Willis Rose Tern Vets Ltd
McDonald Kay Tethera Veterinary Service
Gibson Sophie Tethera Veterinary Services
Cranston Ruth Tethera Veterinary Services Ltd
Seals Sarah The Bakewell Veterinary Clinic
Beck Simon The Beck Veterinary Practice
Emmerson Jane The Bridge Veterinary Centre
Evans Dilwyn The Bridge Veterinary Centre
French Jo The Dryfe Veterinary Group
Sullivan Jane The Dryfe Veterinary Group
Jennings Amy The Farm Animal Practice
Bailey Ed The George Veterinary Group
Cardiff Ian The George Veterinary Group
Metcalfe Sarah The George Veterinary Group
Morris Catherine The George Veterinary Group
Oxtoby Thomas The George Veterinary Group
Roberts Gethin The George Veterinary Group
Sandiford Mike The George Veterinary Group
Sommerville William The George Veterinary Group
Warren Chris The George Veterinary Group
Yates Beatrice The George Veterinary Group
Squires Martin The Green Veterinary Surgery
Baldry Nicole The Hale Veterinary Group
Ramsell Josie The Hale Veterinary Group
Shepherd Vicki The Hale Veterinary Group
Shiles Steve The Hale Veterinary Group
Briggs Amelia The Hale Veterinary Group
Boers Maarten The Livestock Partnership
Brearley Ben The Livestock Partnership
Gerard Anna The Livestock Partnership
Jarvis Megan The Livestock Partnership
Mortimer Sarah The Livestock Partnership
Walker Claire The Livestock Partnership
Eastwood Henry The Minster Veterinary Practice (Westpoint)
Marshall Ashley The Minster Veterinary Practice (Westpoint)
Davis Catherine The Oak Veterinary Group Ltd
Evans Caroline The Oak Veterinary Group Ltd
Squire Ian The Oak Veterinary Group Ltd
Wheeler Jonathan The Oak Veterinary Group Ltd
Bainbridge Tracy The Park Veterinary Group Ltd
Bottrill Wendy The Park Veterinary Group Ltd
Di Florio Renzo The Park Veterinary Group Ltd
Orpin Peter The Park Veterinary Group Ltd
Wright Charlotte The Park Veterinary Group Ltd
McCrone Ian The Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital
Bell Graham The Stewartry Veterinary Centre Ltd
Haggerty Ali The Stewartry Veterinary Centre Ltd
Reynolds Michael The University of Sydney
Newman Elizabeth The Veterinary Surgery
Duncan Jonathan The Willows Veterinary Group
Jones Phillip The Willows Veterinary Group
O’shea Brown Thomas The Willows Veterinary Group
Williams Hannah The Willows Veterinary Group
Hughes Clare Threave Farm Vets Ltd
Miller Steven Threave Farm Vets Ltd
Soares Luisa Three Rivers Veterinary Group
Stevenson William Three Rivers Veterinary Group
Blaxell Lorraine Three Rivers Vets
Flanagan Anne Three Rivers Vets
Richardson Graeme Thrums Vet Group
Smith Alistair Thrums Veterinary Group
Evans Charlotte Tibbs and Simmons
Bennett Edna Tibbs and Simmons Ltd
Frost Emily Tibbs and Simmons Ltd
Harding Sophie Tibbs and Simmons Ltd
Jones Lucy Tibbs and Simmons Ltd
Simmons Ed Tibbs and Simmons Ltd
Tibbs Clare Tibbs and Simmons Ltd
Williams Jonathan Tibbs and Simmons Ltd
Rigby Miriam TORCH Farm and Equine
Blake Mike TORCH Farm and Equine Ltd
Blake Neil TORCH Farm and Equine Ltd
Cavill Rebecca TORCH Farm and Equine Ltd
Elworthy Sophia TORCH Farm and Equine Ltd
Glover Mike TORCH Farm and Equine Ltd
Longhi-Browne Cassandra TORCH Farm and Equine Ltd
Lopez Manuela Garcia TORCH Farm and Equine Ltd
Preston Grahame TORCH Farm and Equine Ltd
Puodziunas Arturas TORCH Farm and Equine Ltd
Reid Adam TORCH Farm and Equine Ltd
Roper Nich TORCH Farm and Equine Ltd
Schubert Kiera TORCH Farm and Equine Ltd
Scovenna Daniel TORCH Farm and Equine Ltd
Simons Ann TORCH Farm and Equine Ltd
Wynne Guto TORCH Farm and Equine Ltd
Goodfellow Katie Towcester Veterinary Centre
Moore Nicola Towcester Veterinary Centre
Platts Katie Towcester Veterinary Centre
Langworthy Nigel Tower Veterinary Group
Hodgkinson Oli Trefaldwyn Veterinary Clinic
Hughes Emma Trefaldwyn Veterinary Clinic
Ecroyd Sam Tyndale Farm Veterinary Practice
Hannon Fergus Tyndale Farm Veterinary Practice
Kendall Bryony Tyndale Farm Veterinary Practice
George Ben Tyndale Vets
Carroll Danielle Tysul Vets
Harries Elizabeth Tysul Vets
Phillips Helen Tysul Vets
Richards Annwen Tysul Vets
Thomas Caryl Tysul Vets
MacFarlane Julie University of Bristol
Capuzzello Giovanni University of Glasgow
Gladden Nicola University of Glasgow
Coates Amy University of Liverpool
Gillespie Amy University of Liverpool
Williams Helen University of Liverpool
Robinson Lara University of Liverpool
Williams Zoe Usk Veterinary Centre
Boothby Fiona Vale Veterinary Group
Morton Anna-Mae Vale Veterinary Group
Biggs Andy Vale Veterinary Group (LA) Ltd
Leyman Dan Vale Veterinary Group (LA) Ltd
Stewart Maddie Vale Veterinary Group (LA) Ltd
Stride Mireille Vale Veterinary Group (LA) Ltd
Whitehead Martyn Vale Veterinary Group (LA) Ltd
Lyddon Simon Vine Tree Vets
Cockett Amy Wensleydale Vets
Kellock Howard Wensum Valley Vets
Allso Charlotte Wern Veterinary Surgeons
Bugler Ashleigh Wern Veterinary Surgeons
Carmichael Jessica Wern Veterinary Surgeons
Jones Gwyn Wern Veterinary Surgeons
Kemp Mo Wern Veterinary Surgeons
Kemp Richard Wern Veterinary Surgeons
Sayle Emma Wern Veterinary Surgeons
Swan Erica Wern Veterinary Surgeons
Williams Anna Wern Veterinary Surgeons
Williams Dyddgu Wern Veterinary Surgeons
Williams Dyfrig Wern Veterinary Surgeons
Hawkins Eilidh Wern Vets
Henry Kristabel Wern Vets
Church Hannah West Bar Veterinary Hospital
Fisher Laura West Lakeland Veterinary Group
Harrison Chris West Lakeland Veterinary Group
Brooks Claire West Ridge Practice Ltd
Glover Ian West Ridge Practice Ltd
Kayes Nicola West Ridge Practice Ltd
Sibley Dick West Ridge Practice Ltd
Sidlow Gordon West Ridge Practice Ltd
Bradon Hannah Westfield Veterinary Centre Ltd
Aubrey Mary Elizabeth Westmorland Veterinary Group
Cassie Angus Westmorland Veterinary Group
Harvey Benjamin Westmorland Veterinary Group
Collins Bethany Westmorland Veterinary Services Farm Animal Ltd
Crutchley Andrew Westmorland Veterinary Services Farm Animal Ltd
Knight Richard Westmorland Veterinary Services Farm Animal Ltd
Lee Judith Westmorland Veterinary Services Farm Animal Ltd
Ranson Kirsty Westmorland Veterinary Services Farm Animal Ltd
Crowter Ben Westover Veterinary Centre
Hume Tom Westover Veterinary Centre
Almeida Joao Westpoint Farm Vets
Arden Kurt Westpoint Farm Vets
Brewin Joanne Westpoint Farm Vets
George Gabriella Westpoint Farm Vets
Goble Alice Westpoint Farm Vets
Hambling Caroline Westpoint Farm Vets
Harrison Rebecca Westpoint Farm Vets
Offer Sophie Westpoint Farm Vets
Potter Tim Westpoint Farm Vets
Richmond Andrew Westpoint Farm Vets
Sabbe Francis Westpoint Farm Vets
Scanu Flavia Westpoint Farm Vets
Seber Mia Westpoint Farm Vets
Taylor Gregory Westpoint Farm Vets
Sawran Ami Westpoint Farm Vets (Chelmsford)
Hener Adriana Westpoint Farm Vets (Daventry)
Moran del Aguila Alba Maria Westpoint Farm Vets (Daventry)
Hume Kathy Westpoint Farm Vets (Kent)
Rowden Emma Westpoint Farm Vets (Winchester)
Foley Niamh Westpoint Group Trading Ltd (Ashbourne)
Anderson David Westpoint Group Trading Ltd (Ashbourne)
Walters Alex Westpoint Group Trading Ltd (Ashford)
Zaharia Dan Westpoint Group Trading Ltd (Kings Lynn)
Sheedy Connor Westpoint Group Trading Ltd (Leighton Buzzard)
Barker James Westpoint Group Trading Ltd (Leighton Buzzard)
Rehage Rebecca Westpoint Group Trading Ltd (Sevenoaks)
Holmes Emma Westpoint Group Trading Ltd (St Columb)
Polychroniadis Alkiviadis Westpoint Group Trading Ltd (St Columb)
Velstrom Kaisa Westpoint Group Trading Ltd (St Columb)
Francis Emily Westpoint Group Trading Ltd (Winchester)
Bexon Melissa Westpoint Group Trading Ltd,
Dare Julian Westpoint Veterinary Group (Chelmsford)
Gibson Laura Westpoint Veterinary Group (Chelmsford)
Roper Ian Westpoint Veterinary Group (Chelmsford)
Swiestowska Jessica Westpoint Veterinary Group (Daventry)
Bosman Mariska Westpoint Veterinary Group (Kings Lynn)
McKay Molly Westpoint Veterinary Group (Kings Lynn)
Simms Tonia Westpoint Veterinary Group (Leighton Buzzard)
Baxter Keith Westpoint Veterinary Group (Midhurst)
Dixon James Westpoint Veterinary Group Ltd (Ashbourne)
Tomlinson Sarah Westpoint Veterinary Group Ltd (Ashbourne)
Rodriguez Candido Westpoint Veterinary Group Ltd (Launceston)
White Louise Westpoint Veterinary Group Ltd (Launceston)
Balkham Jack Westpoint Veterinary Group Ltd (Sevenoaks)
O’Reilly Sarah Westpoint Veterinary Group Ltd (Sevenoaks)
Witherow Geoff Westridge Veterinary Practice
Smith Ruth Westward Veterinary Surgeons
Sharkey Dominic Westwards Veterinary Practice
Terpstra Marije Westwards Veterinary Practice
Woods Thomas Wicstun Veterinary Group
Davies Jones Rhian Williams Vets
Jones Simon Willows Farm Animal Vets
Williams Caroline Willows Farm Animal Vets
Paarman Renee Willows Farm Veterinary Group
Johnston Isobel Willows Farm Veterinary Practice
Bowker Samuel Willows Farm Vets
Pedley Ben Willows Vet Group
Cunliffe Paul Wood Veterinary Group Limited
Stephens Graham Wood Veterinary Group Limited
Thorn Tamsin Wood Veterinary Group Limited (Apollo Vet Services)
Edwards Hollie Wright & Morten Veterinary Group LLP
Lomas Jennie Wright & Morten Veterinary Group LLP
Lyth Stephanie Wright & Morten Veterinary Group LLP
Raine Matthew Wright & Morten Veterinary Group LLP
Taylor Bridget Wright & Morten Veterinary Group LLP
Worth Helen Wright & Morten Veterinary Group LLP
Goldstein Daniel Yoredale Farm Vets
Gratwick William Yoredale Farm Vets
Hunt Hannah Ystwyth Veterinary Group
Williams Harry Ystwyth Veterinary Group
Williams Hywel Ystwyth Veterinary Group