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Johne’s Disease is a chronic, debilitating and irreversible infection of cattle which is common in many herds. While as few as 1-5% of cows in any year will show clinical signs of scour or wasting, more of the herd will be affected and suffer reduced output. Animals with Johne’s Disease are likely to be culled earlier, and are also likely to be affected by other conditions, including chronic mastitis, lameness and high somatic cell counts.

The National Johne’s Management Plan has been developed to help provide strategies to manage the control of Johne’s Disease on your farm.

PHASE II of the NJMP seeks to manage and reduce the incidence of Johne’s disease on our farms through implementing one of the six strategies agreed by the group, and monitored on each farm by trained vets. Click here to find a summary of Phase II and copy of the updated NJMP plan.

New for October 2017
With over 620 vets accredited by the BCVA in Johne’s advice and with over 82% of the milk supply pool within the Action Johne’s initiative and committed to supporting the National Johne’s Management Plan, the Steering Group (including Dairy UK, NFU, AHDB and BCVA) in consultation with its milk processor members are today announcing deadlines for compliance with the industry strategy which seeks to have 95% of the dairy supply in Great Britain brought into the National Johne’s Management Plan by December 2019.

It was agreed:
• A formal veterinary declaration needs to be signed by the farmer and his/her vet to state that an assessment of Johne’s risk and status has been undertaken on each farm in the last 12 months and that there is a written Johne’s management plan in place which has been agreed with the herd owner. By 31st October 2018 all farmers supplying purchaser members of the scheme will need to have completed this task and the declaration.
• A similar form will be re-circulated in late 2018, so from November 2019 we can make the level of engagement achieved by purchaser members publicly available on the Action Johne’s website.

For a copy of the declaration please click through here. We also have some useful FAQs here.

663 vets now trained to be BCVA accredited Johne’s advisors. Find your nearest vet here!

This website is designed to be an information portal on Johne’s, providing relevant technical documents and links that will aid Johne’s engagement and control. Please note that the Group is not in a position to advise farmers on their specific Johne’s control plans. These should be discussed with the farm vet.